Documentary family photography in Tromsø

Familienreportage, dokumentarische Familienfotos, Familienfotografin Lippstadt, Fotografin Lippstadt

Hi families in Tromsø!

You desire family-pictures, that are simply real?

My name is Karin and I am a documentary family photographer, based in the middle of Germany, Lippstadt.

During the last couple of years, I’ve had two beautiful kids. They made me see this world with other eyes. Thinking about their future, I came to realise about how we handle our resources as humans. For this reason I once have had decided to not travel by plane at all.

But live happens differently and I now find my best friend living uproad, in the beautiful city Tromsø. As you might guess, I miss her and her family a lot. So I went to see her and got to know her beautiful new home, that is surrounded by astonishing nature and views you probably never get tired of. Independently of the beauty and the versatility, your town has to offer, I would very much like to combine my work and seeing my dear friend in Tromsø. For this matter – and to act responsible with our resources – I plan to travel to Northern Norway once a year to give families the opportunity to get documentary family photos.


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If you are interested in booking me, please send me an e-mail, so we can get in touch and make documentary family photography possible in your hometown!

Short Story

3-4h of documentary family photography
We are doing whatever you want. I recommend only one special activity, such as baking with the kids at home and then just going outside to where ever you feel really relaxed, for example your favorite playground. No matching clothes are needed!! You can just be yourselves.
A Short Story can also be of postpartum photos (see slides under this caption).

  • Familienreportage, dokumentarische Familienfotos, Familienfotografin Lippstadt, Fotografin Lippstadt, Wochenbettreportage, Wochenbettdokumentation, Wochenbett

all photos included (min. 50)
slideshow with music not included (350 EUR)

650 EUR (6800 NOK)

Day in your Life session

12h of documentary family photography
This is documenting one day in your life, with all the struggles, all the perfect little and big moments and many family adventures. The story starts from breakfast until you tuck your kids into bed. Only 2 spots available.

all photos included
slideshow with music included

2000 EUR (20.694 NOK)

Taxes are included in both session-prices.

This is me, by the way…

… not professionally photographed, but with much love from my husband Tobias, showing our family life as true as it is. And in some of those pics I look a little too serious. But I am a nice, fun person, I promise! And I would very much like to get to know you and your family.

This is some of my current work:

  • Familienreportage, dokumentarische Familienfotos, Familienfotografin Lippstadt, Fotografin Lippstadt